How does the use of blockchain add value to my task and file management?


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    Vanessa C

    Hi Morgan

    Thank you for reaching out. 

    There are two ways in which the Arene blockchain technology adds value to Workspaces:

    1. Arene audits all actions undertaken in a Workspace in the blockchain. This allows a full audit trail to be conducted of who did what, and when.

      More information on Workspace auditing can be found here: 

    2. Arene allows any participant in a Workspace to purchase a Capsule pack and then create a Capsule snapshot of the file contents currently in the Workspace. At any point in future, the Capsule can be verified within Arene which will prove that the file contents in the Capsule have not been tampered with, and represents a true reflection of the files at the time that the Capsule was created.

      More information on Capsules can be found here: 

    Hope this helps you and others on the site.

    Keep the questions coming!


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